Meet Our Team

Cabanas da Viscondessa is a place with relaxed vibes, smooth lines with a frame to the nature. Sustainable hospitality with high-end services provided by attentive staff for a memorable stay. 



Catarina Varão

Passionate for original experiences in hospitality and islandness, she is the manager of the property. Catarina is the CEO of TH2's company with headquarters in Lisbon and founder of Unique Stays ® charm hotels. Loves ice-creams, sailing, biking, playing with Ema (her daughter) and dating her adventurous husband.

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Waitress and Guest Relations


She is from India and has been living in Portugal from last 2 and half years. Imaginative and cheerful, Nibedita designs sweets and deserts as well as beautiful cocktails. Her character is simple & happy at all times, loving the knowledge of new culture and people. Travelling is her passion.

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Housekeeping Manager


She is from São Jorge therefore a very important connection to all things island. Her personality is calm and light spirit, always with good mood. Loves to read, to do manual works (DIYs) and feel in touch with the nature. Best soups from Cabanas da Viscondessa are mastered by Lourdes.

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Cousine Chef


Creative cooking at Cabanas da Viscondessa is done by chef Bhavik. Graduated with a mini MBA in Hotel Management by TH2, as worked in Kitchen and cooking in Portugal mainland and for 2 years now at São Jorge. Extrovert, curious and social, loves to travel and is passionate for cooking.

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Opperations Coordinator


Natural and born at São Jorge island, she is in charge for partners and suppliers relations and operations coordination. From kitchen to hotel presentation, she will prepare your morning-start breakfast. Loves cats and nature.

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Housekeeper & Front Office


German by birth, Azorian by accident, Sina is working in the housekeeping perfeccionism and Front Office, welcoming guests with a unique Cabanas da Viscondessa experience. She declares herself as introvert but social. Absolute Nature lover, mother and SUP lover.