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What if you could bring your pet?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Wow, imagine an island with mild temperature all year long, green fields all over, uncrowded and a charm place for you to stay with Restaurant and possibility to cook your own meal. Sounds just like the most amazing retreat for winter or for remote working isn't it? It gets better: you can bring your dog along.

Plan your long-term escape to Portugal, more specifically the Azores archipelago, to São Jorge island and forget about Bali, Hawaii and other nature destinations that although are not comparable they can some-what be considered when planning a low season getaway.

Inspiration for creative minds can find ease and purpose here at Cabanas da Viscondessa when sights are to the pico mountain, to the forest or the mist of the clouds coming down the hill on foggy days.

Regular and regional airline Sata Azores (Azores Airline) transport pet friends without extra-cost. Train your dog to love the Dog Crate (follow some useful tips here) to transport him in the Airplane Hold or to keep him calm if transported in the cabin. Considering the luggage allowance of 23 kg per passenger if the dog crate and the dog weight doesn't surpass 23 kg no extra charge will be charged to the passenger (hand luggage is allowed). There are no direct flights to our small and unique São Jorge island, but you can fly from Ponta Delgada, Terceira, Faial or travel by boat from Pico and Faial. The archipelago of the Azores ensure connections to Lisbon, Porto, Boston, Paris, Frankfurt, Madeira, Canaries and many other places. Check connections through Sata Azores (Azores Airlines) to make sure you fly with your pet.

Upon arrival you and your pet can count on airport pick-up by our staff and your pet can access all areas and feel welcomed. We are 100% pet friendly.

A dog bed, water and food bowls are provided.

Check our latest Programs and Promotions for a unique stay at Cabanas da Viscondessa.

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