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Volcanic island means uniqueness

Uniqueness means "it is not for everyone"- we don't want to sound snob, but there are places that indeed are only admired and valued by some. That is why some tourists prefer crowded cities and lively places and some travellers chose unexplored destinations. São Jorge is about the last one- a sustainable place to visit on earth, Azores, with focus on small, unique, rare.

Being an islander is feeling the remoteness of insularity and the blessings of true nature context. It might sound adventurous but isn’t travel about that adventure feeling? And yes, the seismic alert of São Jorge island is still on but we also now that it can be on for more than a year now.

Let’s not deny the fact that we are in a volcanic archipelago but life still happens in the meantime. We can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this calm and surroundings and the local environment, for inhabitants are here with the island and its majestic landscapes.

We are open and welcoming guests from April already and looking forward to unveiling a new hospitality experience that consists in sleeping in an authentic shelter such as each Cabanas. Carefully lodged in the middle of the woods, the predominant construction material of the cabin structures is timber from the Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica), a tree that grows on the neighbouring island of Pico and in most islands of the archipelago. The wood provides comfort and natural beauty.

All the Cabanas are spacious and feature an elevated deck covered by a wooden canopy. The exterior frames of the structure fill most of the elevations, thus providing guests with the sense that they are anchored in the terrain. By night the crystal clear skies (when it's not cloudy) are framed by the dancing trees pointing to the shinning stars above, while the crickets whisper. In the right season of the year (such as this) you'll be lucky enough to ear the Cagarros at night. Grab a blanket and enjoy a Gorreana tea at the deck in the darkness. Quite a sensation!

As morning arises and the day slowly stars to show its daylight, the birds sing intensely as a natural wake-up call. Pour your coffee in the mug for it is freshly brewed with local coffee grains from São Jorge. Its the perfect companion for the sights of the sea and Pico mountain right from the Main-House where your breakfast awaits.

But don't just go for Cabanas da Viscondessa comfort and atmosphere (although a reason alone to visit the island!). São Jorge has Fajãs to walk and paths among the nature uncrowded. The air is pristine, the sea is irresistible and accessible to plunge into from short distance from Cabanas. The queijarias offer secret cheeses for you to be delighted with and there are several parks for your picknick (prepared by Cabanas) and a nap, while enjoying your favourite book.

Arms opened, we are here and ready to share the most well-kept secret of the Atlantic, at São Jorge island.

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