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Vocation for Body and Mind

When was the last time we dropped everything and left the hectic and stressful life behind? Sometimes we forget that we have to dedicate time to taking care of ourselves, our body and mind. Strengthen our energy, enjoy a vacation to preserve our well-being.

Disconnecting from our daily routine is one of the best mindfulness practices. We all need a healthy time in our lives, away from what consumes us, and with that, we can adopt several measures, such as moving away from social media and technologies, adopting a conscious diet, among many other practices that help to reduce the overload, thus being able to stress less and focus on what really matters.

In Cabanas da Viscondessa, a paradisiacal place, with unique landscapes, in the middle of an environment that transmits peace and tranquility, we can strengthen our mind and rest our body. You can relax enjoying our breakfast in harmony with the sound of nature. Listening to the sound of the calm wind weaving through the leaves of the trees, or the birds looking for a shade, are one of the most delicious ways we can take a break from the hectic life.

In the landscaped and natural environment that is part of Cabanas da Viscondessa, you can relax and exercise your mind, performing body relaxation exercises such as meditation and yoga. In this environment you can choose between the sea and nature, or even on the terrace that is part of each cabin.

By practicing ten to twenty minutes of body relaxation exercises we will feel relief from stress in our daily lives, in addition to preventing a series of health problems.

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