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Special Family Silvias

The Silvias

The arrival was scheduled for noon on the 18th of July. Family of 7 people (including a small baby) gets reunited in 3 Cabanas, but the plans didn’t go as expected.

Cabanas staff gets informed that due to weather conditions, the flight expected to arrive at São Jorge on the 18th, had to arrive in Terceira where they would have to spend the night waiting for better conditions. Next morning a flight to São Jorge was expecting them, but unfortunately again they had to land at Pico island, being transported afterwards through boat from Pico island to São Jorge.

None the less, upon arrival there was no luggage, not until the 20th of July. And we would expect tired and unhappy passengers, but Au contraire, this family is nothing but special.

We were blessed by their good energy and positive attitude with a happy mood that extends to each member of the family. Cabanas da Viscondessa we’re honored to have Silvia’s family with roots on São Jorge, where a local birth certificate from the head chef of the family was given during their stay and thanks to gathering with relatives, friends and local people they had a busy stay at São Jorge.

We still got the chance to be delighted as we got to know this family closely: having a property close to Connecticut in the United States these entrepreneurs have a sustainable lifestyle, having building their own wooden houses with a small farm.

It is a true adventure just trying to reach São Jorge. That makes it even more unique and special. It’s like you are allowed and invited to enter, only when the island wants you.

Not quite the same at Cabanas da Viscondessa for we have our arms opened but understand that it’s a wood. No mass tourism and convenience stores next door. The only convenience here is having a natural alarm clock as birds in the morning, together with a professional and friendly staff ready to surprise and provide a true Cabanas da Viscondessa experience.

That is why it is said “your vibe attracts your tribe” and we never ever felt that to be so true before.

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