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5 Reasons to Visit São Jorge Island and Stay in Cabanas da Viscondessa

The words that define São Jorge island are Nature, Peace, Gastronomy and for sure you will Want to Come Back.

This remote island is a real surprise, São Jorge is one of the wildests islands in Azores. And we want to share some of the reasons why this island is worth it.


1. Let's start with the Beautiful Landscape that is offered! For hiking lovers, or even for those who appreciate a unique and unforgettable view, we tell you that São Jorge has the best views that we have ever experienced.

Did you know that Cabanas da Viscondessa are located in a natural environment?

To visit, we recommend going to the Fajãs, and São Jorge has a lot! Fajã do Cubres, Fajã dos Vimes, Fajã de Santo Cristo, Fajã das Almas, and so much more. To have a complete and fullness experience in this island, try the beautiful trails around São Jorge, make at your own time and enjoying the surrounding natural environment.

2. Typical and delicious Regional Products, from São Jorge, cheese to regional sweets. São jorge cheese is incredibly delicious, with different types of curing. The sweets to spread on bread or bolo levedo, have incredible flavors, as the passion fruit or pineapple sweet. Clams from Caldeira de Santo Cristo, that go in the oven for a moment, fresh and delicious. The intense coffee in Fajã dos Vimes with a unique aroma, made with locally coffee beans.

Did you know that on Cabanas da Viscondessa breakfast is rich in regional products?

3. It's the perfect place to rest your Body and Mind. São Jorge is often the place that hosts several meditation retreats. And you know why? Because it presents a wild nature, incredible sounds of birds and the calm that give to us is simply speechless.

Did you know that Cabanas da Viscondessa have yoga lessons? And provide yoga materials to the guests!

4. The local community love to welcome you! In São Jorge the people are very hospitable and always with a smile! Always willing to help, and advise the best places to visit on the Island.

On Cabanas da Viscondessa we are always ready to offer our guests an unforgettable stay, offering personalized services and activities that will make your stay incredible.

Book with us your unforgettable stay!

5. A lot of different Experiences to offer, from aquatic experiences, safaris tours, learning how to make cheese and of course the tracks! The island of São Jorge maintains yours most precious, which is the preservation of all the space, green and mountainous.

Cabanas da Viscondessa also offer activities and services for guests, from to childrens to adults! Like Story Time, "Chouriço ao Fogo", Pizza Hour, Drink & Draw, and many more.

Come and have a good time with us! Enjoy our experiences and live your stay with intensity!

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