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On this page we will present all the activities and experiences in São Jorge, specially at Cabanas da Viscondessa.


Cabanas Experiences

What we can do during our stay, without leaving Cabanas da Viscondessa's property

Tours Experiences

São Jorge Safari Tours joins to provide an unforgettable experience on the island. A menu designed for Cabanas' guests with lunch and picknick options to enjoy in the nature.

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São Jorge Experience

A whole world of mystery and wonder to take advantage of, while you're here. We have made a carefully selected choice of places to visit and things so you dive into what's most important and runaway from tourist traps.

Long Stays

Get inspired for the new season and work remotely. Alone, with friends or even with your pet know the true feeling of expanding your creativity working in a place such as Cabanas da Viscondessa. Long stay programs include sea baths, forest walks and tons of coffee with wifi connection ;)


Creative Escape

Per se it's a unique and inspiring place: either São Jorge but specially Cabanas da Viscondessa. Embark in a Long Weekend Creative Experience during Winter (3 nights):

- Day 1: Welcome Gathering and Cocktail with live Music and light dinner

- Day 2: Brunch and Creative Writing Workshop with Light Lunch. Free Afternoon/Evening

- Day 3: Paiting Workshop with Pieter Adriaans, snack and Lunch. Dinner and Gathering

- Day 4: Breakfast and Goodbye Package

(*) half price for 2nd person

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