Vitória Noronha

Vitória Beatriz da Silveira Noronha was the oldest niece of the Viscondessa.

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Against the grain of Azorean nobility, Vitória fell in love with João Jorge, a humble farmhand born on the island of Pico whose family had settled in Urzelina. Flouting her father´s will, Vitória decided to elope with João Jorge by jumping over a drystone wall. The next morning the young couple embarked for the island of São Tomé in the Gulf of Guinea to make a living in the Roça Açoriana, where they prospered.

Vitória Beatriz and João Jorge had four children. The eldest, José Gabriel, was the paternal grandfather of the current owner of Bacelada.

Vitória would eventually reconcile herself with her father, who in the meantime had separated from his wife to live with the sister of one of João Jorge’s sister-in-laws, despite the animosity he had professed earlier for his daughter´s husband.

After the death of the Viscondessa and of her son, Vitória inherited the Terreiros estate, known locally as the Casa da Viscondessa.