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Visit the Heart of North Atlantic

The Island of São Jorge is part of the Central Group of the Azores Archipelago. It features a long volcanic ridge stretching from northwest to southeast. With a length of 54 km and a maximum width of 6.9 km, São Jorge has plenty of steep cliffs that either come to an end in the deep blue sea or in small flat areas at sea level, the famous fajãs. The island coastline includes rocky and jagged tips that penetrate the sea, small and sheltered inlets and caves to explore.

Zoom into Nature

The Cabanas da Viscondessa offer a unique experience in the Azores. Built on a beautiful estate known as the Quinta da Bacelada, they allow you to merge with nature on the sun deck of your cabin without having to leave behind the coziness of modern living.

Raw nature, pristine air

Our goal is to preserve these precious goods. The Cabanas are a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed indoors or in any of the outdoor spaces.

An accommodation with history

The setting has a story of its own to tell. The foundations of the Cabanas are built on centuries of local lore, couched in the memories of our ancestors, particularly the Viscondessa de São Mateus. The stories of the Viscondessa and her relatives pave the way for our guests to discover island history and culture. Her descendants have maintained the Bacelada estate in the last two centuries.


Located on the southern slopes of the island, the Cabanas da Viscondessa are conveniently placed in the middle of the island of São Jorge, not far from the airport and the town of Velas.

There are restaurants, grocery shops, swimming coves and a municipal saltwater pool nearby.

The Viscountess

Isabel Beatriz de Azevedo Pereira e Sousa was born in the parish of Urzelina on November 23, 1837. She married a son of Lieutenant-Colonel Miguel Teixeira Soares de Sousa, the patriarch of one of the most affluent and influential families of the island of São Jorge. The Bacelada estate was part of a vast land inheritance. After the death of the Lieutenant-Colonel and their children, the Viscondessa became the sole administrator of their properties. She was especially drawn to the Bacelada estate.

As a result of her dedication to local charity causes, King Don Carlos of Portugal awarded her the title of Viscondessa de São Mateus on October 25, 1894. Incidentally, St. Matthew is the patron saint of the parish of Urzelina.

The Viscondessa was the great-great aunt of the current owner of the Bacelada estate.

The Logo

Our logo has been inspired by a species of lichen (urzela – Roccella tinctoria) frequently seen in the Azores.
This lichen produces a royal purple dye, which until the late 17th century was highly prized by textile manufacturers. Today, it has lost all of its former economic relevance.
The local abundance of the urzela in the basaltic rocks of this area is precisely why the parish was named Urzelina.

Immerse yourself in nature

São Jorge boasts some of the most beautiful coastal cliffs in the Azores Archipelago, as well as the impressive talus platforms at the foot of the cliffs, known locally as fajãs. It is a perfect holiday destination for people who enjoy contact with nature and the ocean.

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